Day 9 – Inspired by Jim Carrey

I remember going to watch the movie Yes Man when it came out in the theatre a number of years back.  It stars Jim Carrey as a man who after hearing a motivational speaker decides to say yes to every proposition for the next year.  As you can imagine, this puts him into a number of humorous situations.  That is what inspired today’s first:  one whole day of saying yes and avoiding no.

If you decide to undertake this challenge, there are a few items about which I will caution you:  do not tell anyone what you are doing. , and do not say yes to anything morally or ethically compromising.  Obviously, telling everyone you are undergoing this challenge only sets you up to be taken advantage of.  Therefore, keep your mouth shut about it.  Another thought:  you cannot stay at home and complete this challenge.  This requires getting out, running errands, going to your job, etc. so it can be considered a break for the norm.

This was the most difficult challenge by far because it required you to be conscientious constantly.  One must be vigilant to answer “yes” to almost every question when the normal answer might be “no”.  Today at the post office, the employee asked me if I needed anything else and I started to say “no” but caught myself and said “yes”…..but then I stammered to think of what else I might ask.  Eventually, I asked for priority mail envelopes.  I was so relieved when the employee then said, “Will that be all?”  Uhm…..yes.  Definitely yes.

I was concerned how this might play out in my job since I am an 8th grade teacher.  The only yes or no questions students asked related to going to the restroom or lockers.  It was easy to say yes to those.  

Tonight I went through a McDonalds drive thru….not because I was hungry, but because I was looking to put myself in situations to engage with people through yes-no questions.  I ordered a chocolate milkshake and then…. “Would you like whipped cream and a cherry with that?”  Yuck!  I hate cherries.  Not a big fan of whipped cream, either, but guess what?  I said yes.  

Today I looked through my calendar to try to plan my daily challenges so I don’t find myself scrambling.  A moment of sheer panic ensued…..I’ve got to come up with more than 300 ideas?!  It’s a little staggering….therefore, if you have an idea, please share it with me.  I’d love to hear it.  I just may try it. 


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