Day 6 – Bleh

How does one tackle something new when one is in bed?  Life happens regardless of our plans, right? Today I am feeling under the weather.  Had to leave work early.  Again, my OCD, type A personality prevents me from taking a “sick day” from my own personal challenges.  When I publicly declared 365 days of firsts and newness, I knew the gauntlet was thrown.  I must complete the task everyday no matter what happens.  That’s what makes it a challenge.

Suffice to say trying a new food is a terrible idea today.  Plan B ….a movie.  Thank God for On Demand.  I scanned the movies and saw one I’d never seen before — The Big Kahuna.  Stars Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito and Peter Fucinelli on the Sundance Channel.  Never heard of it.  A movie I probably would never choose.  Perfect.

The movie featured these three men as sales reps trying to land an important account in one evening.  Most of the movie is the three men talking — talking about life, talking about divorce, talking about God.  Kevin Spacey’s character is terribly unlikable.  I feel sorry for Danny Devito’s character as he seems to have been beaten up by life and his divorce.  Peter Fucinelli’s character seemed stereotypical.

How would I describe the movie?  In the same way I feel today…..bleh.  It’s not exactly a “feel good” movie.  Was it horrible?  No.  Would I watch it again?  No.  Did it make me think?  Yes. In the end, that is the point of this entire experience.


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