Day 4 – I Cheated

I feel like I’ve cheated.  There I said it.  My family has just started getting enthusiastic about my daily “firsts”, and I feel as if I’ve failed.  Of course, that’s nothing new.  My first three days have been epic fails, but today was not a great attempt.  It was a cheat day….like an eat-a-piece-of-cheesecake-on-your-new-diet kind of day.

I had all the best intentions.  I felt as though up to now I had played it safe.  It was time to take it to the next level and have a first that was noticeable, uncomfortable, out of the box.  I was going to go to the middle of Hanes Mall and run up the down escalator and run down the up escalator.  I was going to have my young adolescent son take a picture of me while doing it.  Can you imagine?  A middle-aged (ugh….I hate that I can use that word) woman dressed impeccably yet casually with makeup and jewelry completing her look tackling a stunt that typically gets teenagers chased by mall security guards.  It would have been hilarious, I tell ya.  Hilarious.  (Bonus:  it probably would have required therapy to undo the traumatic embarrassment of my 12 year old son being forced to take this picture.)  And I would have not gone down (or up….as the case may be) without making a real spectacle of myself.  I would have giggled and laughed; I would have stopped midway to make a stupid, cheesy pose for the picture.  I would have been loud and obnoxious — more so than usual.  Everyone who witnessed it would have gone home and told the story which nobody would have believed because it sounded too nuts to be possible.

But alas…..I left my phone at home meaning no camera.  And then, I had to pick up a new training potty and pull up pants for my toddler.  And said toddler became cranky from lack of a nap and hungry as it was dinner time.  Therefore, no mall trip for our family today.  I can’t let me toddler go to the mall and be the center of attention because he is having a temper tantrum when I’m going to attempt a stunt like that.  Guess I’ll save it for another day.

But….I was determined to have a first so we tried a new restaurant.  Mountain Fried Chicken in Clemmons.  My 12-year-old, E, had it before at a ball camp and loved it.  He had begged us for months to give it a try as a family.  I had chicken and dumplings, black-eyed peas, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Rick and E had ….. wait for it…..chicken.  Imagine.  Chicken at a place called Mountain Fried Chicken.  Was our family’s food good?  Yes, but was it really trying something new?  No….I don’t think so.  These are all foods I have had many, many times at other places.  Therefore, in my OCD, type-A personality mind, I think I cheated today.  However, I hope all of you keep reading because you know one day that escalator escapade is really going to happen…..


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