Day 3 – A Beautiful Disaster

nails3nails2nailsI love Pinterest.  I could spend hours just daydreaming about the foods I’ll cook, the crafts I’ll make, the kitchens I’ll have, and the places I’ll visit thanks to that site.  The problem with Pinterest is everything looks far easier than it really is.

I struggled today with my daily challenge.  I went back to work, it was freezing cold outside, and I did not want to spend any money.  Therefore, I began scouring my thousands of Pinterest ideas pinned.  Finally, a reason — an excuse — to do more than just pin, but actually give them a try.  That leads me back to my earlier statement.  Pinterest’s downfall is everything looks easier than it really is.

I decided on a nail paint procedure that would result in gradient nails.  I chose my colors — blue, silver, teal, purple.  It seemed so simple.  Painting my nails with a cosmetic sponge seemed easy enough.  I watched the YouTube video, prepared everything, and yet… nails look as if a peacock exploded on them.  It’s uneven, splotchy, messy….nothing at all like the pictures or the video.

Thus far my record:  Day 1 – baked sweet potatoes fail; Day 2 – video games playing fail; Day 3 – sponge painted nails fail.  I see a pattern developing.  This experience may not be good for my ego. However, I am enjoying it.  Looking for something new to do everyday is exciting.  365 new experiences is exciting and leave me with anticipation.  It really does force me to look at my day in new ways.  I look for new recipes, new activities, new hobbies, new ways to do the most mundane tasks.  It’s the search for newness that is exciting to me.


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