New Year; New Normal

I’m going to be honest; I created this blog over a year ago and did nothing with it.  So I just deleted what I had and am starting fresh.  Seems metaphorical for this day — a New Year Day.  Out with the old; in with the new.

The last year has been a blur.  I’ve had some positives — personal growth, new endeavors, new friendships…..but it’s hard not to focus on the valleys.  In April my husband was told he would need heart surgery.  His second.  So we began the process of researching, choosing a surgeon, and getting things in order.  To say it was stressful would be such an understatement, it is insulting.  Thankfully, the surgery went almost perfectly.  Everything fell into the “best case scenario” category.  You’d think that once he was healed, things would just quietly move back to normal.  The reality is they did not.  That kind of stress doesn’t just dissolve.  It’s been incredibly difficult on our entire family and — since I’m being honest — strained our relationships.   After Rick’s first heart surgery and his subsequent diagnoses in 2002, life has been a new kind of normal.  A normal I wish I could redefine.

I hate looking back over the past year and only being able to see and focus on the bad.  I want a year that is marked by the exceptional rather than our normal.  But I want the exceptionally good — the fun, the uplifting, the positive.  So, I’m going to make it.   And the only way to break out of normalcy and routine is to plunge into something new.  So I will.  Again and again and again.  2014 will be the year I inject something new in my life everyday.  Sometimes it will be dramatic and terrifying; others it will seem relatively dull.  But it will be a year of stories, experiences, new knowledge.  This will not be a year marked and remembered for our “new normal.”

Today’s task:  making a baked sweet potato at home.  What?  You didn’t think I would start with dramatic and terrifying did you?  I have to work my way up to that.  Actually, it’s a little disappointing for me, too.  I thought trying something new everyday was a great idea, and it is — in theory.  In reality, we are so stuck in our routines and in the mundane that stepping out of it for just  a little bit is challenging.  Perhaps this is not the world’s easiest resolution after all.   This is going to require much more planning and intention than I had anticipated.  But, in any event, I did something new.  I attempted a baked sweet potato at home.  And it was not good.  I don’t know how restaurants get it so perfect.  Oh well… 1 – check.


2 thoughts on “New Year; New Normal

  1. Hi Laura! I love your idea of trying something new everyday even if it’s just new to you! Restarting a blog – that’s something new too!

    Have you ever used a tater baker? You can find them online and makes it so easy and fast to get a baked potato…out of the microwave no less. They are quilted little miracle workers. Look for one online; I gave them as presents this year.

    Happy New Year Laura! Can’t wait to hear about your other adventures. 🙂

  2. I make mine in the crockpot. Wash them and while they are still damp wrap them in foil. Put them in crock pot on low for 8 hrs. Once you are home from work, they are ready to serve or scoop out for casserole use.

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